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Yes, I want to increase my revenue!

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Did You Know That The Fastest Way To Increase Your Revenue By 10-30% Is To Optimize Just 1 Thing?

Dear E-Commerce Or Info-Product Entrepreneur,

Would it surprise you to learn that the #1 fastest way to increase your revenue is to massively increase your EPC (earnings per click)?

Sounds too good to be true?

I know it does!

But stick with me and I’ll explain why this works.

A Completely Underrated Approach To Scaling Online Sales That No One Told You About That Gets Better Results Than Anything Else!

I know what you’re thinking…

“Yeah it’s just another internet marketing scam that doesn’t work.”

But let me tell you why that’s not true.

Let’s take a moment to talk about YOU.

You probably have an online business and want to scale.

But you seem to be hitting an invisible ‘growth ceiling’ that you can’t break.

And it drives you CRAZY. You want to grow your biz, but despite doing everything all the gurus are saying, you still end up being where you are.


This may be uncomfortable, but here it comes…

It’s because you’re focusing on the wrong things.

I know what you’re hearing these days:

“It’s all about your creative! You gotta have amazing raw UGC BLAH BLAH BLAH content.”

Identity resolution is the next big thing! THIS is what you need!”

You need to add SMS! SMS is like email back in 2005, you get 80% open rates and it’s just amazing!”

“Screw Facebook! TikTok is the next big thing! Go to TikTok, I’m getting a 7.54x ROAS there!”

“No, you actually need my secret Shopify plugin!”

“Actually, you just need this one new app and then you’ll be crushing it!”

Know what all these things are?

SHINY OBJECTS! That’s what they are.

They are distracting your attention from what REALLY matters.

Let’s make it stupid simple…

What’s the profit formula in online sales?

Profit = revenue – CPC x clicks – product cost – fulfillment

Can you control CPC? Yeah, but only to an extent. There’s only so much you can do and there is a certain price you will have to pay.

Can you control the number of clicks? Yea, you can ramp up your ad spend, but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna make more $$$.

Can you control product cost and fulfillment? To an extent, but if you want high quality stuff and low customer complaint rates, you can’t do a lot here.


What’s the formula for revenue?

Traffic (clicks) x conversion rate x AOV = revenue!

You CAN influence what % of your traffic buys and how much they spend!

Forget about all the bullshit shiny object stuff everyone wants you to focus on…

Focus on the basics.

Revenue = traffic x conversions

Assuming your ads are good and are getting good CTR and good CPC, leave Facebook/Google aside and optimize your funnel!

If you’re currently converting 3% of people and you get your conversion rate to 4%…

You’ll increase revenue per visitor by 33%.

You’re probably thinking…

“Is that even possible?”

You bet it is!

But don’t take my word for it.

Just take a look below:

Here’s How Conversion Optimization Can Increase Revenue WITHOUT Touching Paid Traffic:

25.68% increase in conversion rate in 1 month! This resulted two times increase in profitability.

63% increase in revenue per visitor!

136% increase in conversion rate and a 133% increase in revenue!

23.6% increase in conversion rate!

$2.03 increase in revenue per session!

And So On…

I could easily fill this entire page with dozens of success stories because we’ve used our strategies for multiple different eCommerce and digital product brands from all over the world.

The TLDR is… It WORKS!


Yes, I want to increase my revenue!

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“Why the hell would you do something like that Tomasz?”

That’s probably what you’re thinking right now.

Let me explain…

Why Am I Making This Insane Offer?

At some point you’ve probably hired a marketing agency before promising the world but delivering not a lot…

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Talk Soon,

Tomasz Babiec

(Yes that’s me on the photo above)

P.S. I absolutely cannot wait to talk to you. Please don’t miss the call. If you need to reschedule, do it in advance, but don’t be a no show. I don’t reschedule with no shows. Let’s respect each other’s time please.

P.P.S. Get in a quiet place before the call and make sure that you have something to take notes with, because I’m going to be going over everything you’ll need to do to grow your business. I look forward to helping you.


Yes, I want to increase my revenue!

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